YEG Performing Arts Accessibility Survey

Nov 14 2019

The Edmonton performing arts community believes that the arts are for everyone. In 2019, a group of performing arts companies came together to tackle the question of how to make their work accessible to as many people as possible (visit the web page here). To do that, they need to find out what kinds of accessibility are the most useful to people in Edmonton.

The performing arts companies engaged two researchers (Brooke Leifso and Kelsie Acton) who have developed a survey asking about many of the common barriers to engaging with the performing arts. The survey also asks about common ways to remove some of those barriers.

Filling out this survey will provide information that will assist in making performing arts in Edmonton (theatre, dance, spoken word, opera, etc) even more inclusive! Interested in attending a focus group? Please contact us for more information: You can also call or text at 780-233-5778.