Letter Writing

With a new government in Alberta, it is vital that we make them aware of the importance of dance to the lives and livelihoods of Albertans.


Take five minutes to write your MLA and MP a quick email with a letter prepared by the Alberta Dance Alliance and based on the Canadian Dance Assembly’s International Dance Day Letter and letter-writing campaign (credit where credit is due!).


To these ends, please take a moment to make yourself known to your MP and MLA by following these simple steps:


  1. Look up your MP’s email address
  2. Look up your MLA’s email address
  3. Address an email to your MP and MLA
  4. Cut and paste THIS LETTER into your email, to get you started
  5. Personalize it, and sign the email with your address (so your MP and MLA knows you are their constituent)
  6. CC the CDA on your message – lesley@dancecanada.net
  7. CC the ADA on your message – info@abdancealliance.ab.ca
  8. And hit SEND!