This ADA members’ program is a great opportunity to network, dialogue, and share perspectives. Eligible activities and events include (but are not limited to) keynote speeches, workshops, conferences, symposia, showcase performances, debates, panels, academic paper presentations, and digital presentations. This opportunity is available year-round to support professional development for groups to network, develop greater understanding in their community, and to enrich the development of their dance art form. What separates this program from our Community Workshop Grant is the fact that this program is not for technique-based workshops. Support for successful applications may be given as financial and/or administrative assistance.

Deadline: Ongoing


How to Apply

  1. Send us an email that includes:
    • The brief, succinct “elevator pitch” for your Outreach/Networking concept, and
    • Attachments with as much project planning, budget and programming detail as possible, at whatever stage you happen to be in with your process.
  2. We will then contact you with further details and requirements, based upon the particulars of your concept.


Proposal Guidelines

Due to finite capacity, assistance will be granted discretionarily based upon, but not limited to, the following measures:

  • An ADA Membership is required.
    • Individuals applying on their own and not on behalf of, or in partnership with, an organization must be an Individual member with the ADA.
    • If you are applying as an organization, your organization must be an Organization member with the ADA.
    • Before you begin the application process, please register as a member.
  • Availability of program funds.
  • Availability of ADA staff resources.
  • Alignment with the mandate and goals of the Alberta Dance Alliance.
  • Projected impact is high and the proposed concept can feasibly meet the goals of the applicant in a way not better met by existing programs in the province.
  • The ability of the applicant to successfully deliver on their concept.