Mile Zero Dance Outreach Programs

Sep 03 2019

Mile Zero Dance has been serving Edmonton area schools for over twenty-five years, introducing students and teachers to the world of contemporary dance through innovative and exciting performances, workshops and residencies. We are ready to customize your movement experience so that it fits perfectly for your artistic vision of your school whether it is a residency, a workshop for students, a specific movement class for your students or even a professional development day for the teachers of your school. Mile Zero Dance Outreach Programs allows individuals their own experiences while learning and gives opportunities to explore creativity through the bodies such as dance. Current 21st century learning theory states, “Creativity fluency is how artistic proficiency adds meaning through design, art, and storytelling. We are allcreative people”.

We look forward to performing and teaching at your school. If you would like more information about any of our programs, please contact me. Here is more detailed information (video link included) of our programming on our website:

Kathleen Hughes
Outreach Coordinator, Mile Zero Dance