Food, urban dance, and drag come together at Dirt Buffet Cabaret, curated by Isabelle Rousseau

Nov 07 2019

Dirt Buffet Cabaret curated by Isabelle Rousseau runs Thursday, November 21 at 8 p.m. at Spazio Performativo (10816 – 95 St.)

Edmonton, AB  Dirt Buffet Cabaret is Mile Zero Dance’s (MZD) signature variety show curated by local artists with a distinct lens to performance practice in the city and featuring an array of artists from various media and backgrounds.

Biting into the French tradition of cabaret with all of its contradictions and quirks, this month’s cabaret entitled Taste My French is gonna be tasty, nasty, cheeky, and fun! Isabelle Rousseau brings together performances by urban dancers Sarah Dharshi and Alexis Devilla and a variety of dance styles including belly dancing and Caribbean practised by Rita Chehaveb, Masani St Rose, Sylvie Boisclair, and Megan Beaupré. The night will also include drag queen Lady Tenderflake and CBC radio host chef Doreen Prei who will be on stage as part of the performances.


“I’m working on polarities, as tensions mount and we seem less and less able to talk to each other. Cabaret was traditionally a form that held tensions and emerged as a valve to release tensions during the Hausman era in France, like comedy nowadays, or televised sports and wrestling,” explains Rousseau. “This is an exploration of the interfaces where we disagree with one another, or ourselves and attempt to co-exist, if we don’t want to go extinct.”


Tickets are $10 or best offer at the door

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