DJD: Audition Tour 2020

Dec 12 2019

In the spirit of jazz, we dance. 

The mission of DJD is to enrich lives by engaging people in exploring, evolving, and promoting the art of jazz dance. Jazz is a contemporary dance form with a rich history and many cousins. We dance to jazz music; with bent knees and movement in our torsos, we embrace improvisation, rhythmic sophistication, and individuality. Our home, the DJD Dance Centre, is becoming a global destination for aspiring jazz dance artists and is quickly becoming the dance hub of Calgary. Through our performances, education stream, and community outreach, we are creating a culture where all people move with us.

Alberta Audition: Calgary | March, 2020

To register your intent to audition, please email Joanne Baker with the city where you are auditioning in the subject line. Please bring resume, head shot, and jazz shoes to the audition, no emailed resumes or head shots will be accepted.