2021 Federal Election Guide from the ADA UPDATED

Aug 24 2021

Photo courtesy of MacLean’s


Alberta Dance Alliance is a nonprofit arts organization that serves the dance community across the province with networks across the country and internationally. ADA is just one of many similar organizations in Alberta who advocate for a strong, sustainable arts and cultural sector in Alberta, keeping issues and opportunities that impact our members at the forefront.

We’ve created this nonpartisan guide to encourage arts and culture nonprofits, their members, and arts patrons to use their voice and vote in the upcoming 2021 Canadian Federal Election on September 20, 2021. It is also an introduction to nonprofit arts organizations for political candidates in Alberta and the parties they represent across Canada. Regardless of the size or location of the election you vote in, it’s important to keep arts and culture in the conversation.


In This Guide

1. A Message for Candidates: Arts and Culture in Alberta

2. Keeping arts and Culture in political conversations

3. Federal Election General Information

4. Questions to ask candidates



Posted August 24, 2021:

A federal election has been announced for September 20, 2021. The campaign period is the shortest possible, leaving only weeks for MPs and party leaders to release platforms and gather support. The Alberta Dance Alliance, while being non-partisan, encourages the dance community to learn how your MPs and their party leaders support the arts and culture sector before you vote. Your chosen profession and passion for dance is an important economic and cultural contribution to Canada, and your locale. It provides an important voice during election periods. Read below to learn more about party platforms regarding performative arts and general information on the election.

Election Date: September 20, 2021

(Advanced polling September 10 – 13, or by ‘Special Ballot’ through mail)

Ways to vote: Elections Canada

To find your riding and a list of candidates in your riding enter your postal code in the Elections Canada webpage.

Arts and Culture platforms as it relates to grassroots and performing arts:

For up to date platforms, continue to check MacLean’s 2021 Election Platform Guide

Liberal Platform:

  • $300 million over two years for the Recovery Fund for Heritage, Arts, Culture, Heritage and Sport Sectors (source)
  • Match ticket sales for arts and cultural venues to help with reduced capacity through the Arts and Culture Recovery Program. (source)
  • Launch a transitional support program for creative industry workers affected by the pandemic. (source)
  • Culture Pass: $200 credit given to Canadian children when they turn 12, to be used to access theatres, museums, galleries, workshops, and other cultural venues and local Canadian content
  • Increase annual funding for Telefilm Canada by 50 per cent per year
  • New Cultural Diplomacy strategy: at least one international mission each year to promote Canadian culture and creators around the world

NDP Platform:

  • Increase funding for Telefilm, the Canada Media Fund and CBC/Radio-Canada. (source)
  • Support Canadian media to help with digital transitions. (source)
  • Support Indigenous theatre at the National Arts Centre. (source)
  • Enact income tax averaging for artists and cultural workers to help with the challenges in making a living. (source)

Conservative Platform:

  • Platform is based on telecommunications and reviewing mandates related to the CBC but does not include platform policy directly related to grassroots or performing arts.

Green Platform:

  • TBA

Guiding questions to ask your MP candidates as a member of the arts community:

  1. What is your party’s platform on arts and culture and it’s  funding support?
  1. What are your plans to get artists back to work (as an industry who were first to shut because of Covid-19, and it the last to reopen)?
  1. What policies will you enact and support to develop greater diversity and equity in arts and culture?

Please contact us at info@abdancealliance.ab.ca if you or your organization are looking for additional information relating to the arts and culture/dance community.