Springboard Interrarium: Noguchi Taiso Movement & Dance Training – Mari Osanai (Japan) Nov 9 & 10, 2019

Sep 09 2019

Noguchi Taiso was founded in Japan by Michizo Noguchi in the mid nineteen hundreds. Noguchi Taiso is a form of physical training that taps into the natural phenomena of earth’s pull and push powers on our body weight to create fluid movement – a method that Professor Noguchi perceived as more peaceful and less egocentric. This workshop will help you find new ways to improve your movement efficiency while letting go of unnecessary tensions.

Mari Osanai’s own practice evolves from and interweaves Noguchi Taiso with Classical Ballet, Modern dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Jazz, and traditional Folk dance. Her performances and workshops draw keen interest around the world.

This workshop is open to everyone. No previous training required. We recommend that you bring water, a light lunch, and layered comfortable clothing.

MARI OSANAI, dancer, choreographer and Noguchi Taiso trainer comes to us from Aomori, Japan. After training in Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Tai Chi, and traditional Folk Dance, Mari became interested in exploring movement in new ways. She went on to study dance choreography under Mr. Hironobu Oikawa and Noguchi Taiso training and its philosophy with Professor Michozo Noguchi (1914-1998).

Mari stands by the theory that materials that constitute our body are undoubtedly of this Earth and have participated in and experienced the creation process of the Earth. Therefore our body, having lived here and now, includes the entire history of the Earth. What we call ‘life’, ‘body’ and ‘mind’ are precisely phases of change and flow of the earth. There is no absolute standard for all things.”

Mari Osanai’s unique and complex movements are created by interweaving a combination of techniques she has studied over her career as a dancer. Her approach to movement research and exploration begins with a heightened awareness of gravity’s influence on the body and the body’s connection with the centre of the earth. Over the years, Mari has performed and taught workshops in Japan, Canada, the USA, Greece, and Germany.

When: Oct 9 & 10, 2019
12:30 – 4:30pm daily

Location: cSpace King Edward Studio Theatre, Calgary

Tuition Fee: $80 Full Workshop; $50 Single Day

*Open to all. No previous training required.
*Subsidy available by application. Must register in advance, before Oct 25.


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Interrarium is an innovative re-purposing of the residency model focusing on a process-oriented, creative environment for dialogue, critical thinking and experimentation. It is a facilitator-driven lab for professional artists revealing creative practice across disciplines, viewed through the lens of the body, in an immersive environment.

Interrarium showcases dance, live art, cultural and artistic leaders from the international and Canadian community, and brings them together with an alchemy that inspires articulation of practice, rejuvenates artists, stimulates discussion, dissects cultural systems and processes, and forges productive relationships. Interrarium was devised by Nicole Mion, in cumulative creative conversations with active participants over its 13 years of gatherings.

This year Interrarium takes place in Calgary with a dynamic series of creative practice workshops facilitated by inspiring national and international guests.