How do I get my photo on your website?

Apr 29 2019

Website photography features members and partners in dance in Alberta, at the discretion of the Alberta Dance Alliance. If you would like to be seen on our website, please contact our office and request inclusion in the rotating gallery. Inclusion in the ADA website photo gallery is never guaranteed, and priority is given to ADA members with high-resolution images that will display well given the cropping aspect ratio on our site.

Remember that all members can upload media materials, including images, videos, and CVs, etc. to their profile page in the AB Dance Directory. To ensure your materials are available to be seen, complete the necessary sections in your profile. Although adding photographic material to your profile does not automatically add that material to the ADA banner gallery, your profile picture will be displayed on our homepage if you are selected as a featured member, and we do occasionally search the dance directory for images to add to the banner gallery.

If you think you have a great photo and it needs to be part of our banner gallery, then the best thing to do is to contact our office and we can proceed from there.