New Projects and Programs for Non-Profit and Voluntary Organizations

Nov 16 2023

Recently, the Government of Alberta has launched a new projects and programs to help non-profit and voluntary sector organizations access the resources and supports needed to serve Albertans. The new projects and programs include initiatives such as:

Creative Partnerships

Creative Partnerships Alberta helps to create a climate of social entrepreneurism for Alberta’s non-profits. It also introduces donation and investment opportunities for Albertans. This will enable the development of new sources of funding, access to business mentorship and assistance.

Freedom to Care

The Freedom to Care Act and its associated Alberta government programming aim to remove barriers for the province’s non-profits and support their key role in the delivery of important programs and services.

Non-profit Learning Centre

The Alberta non-profit learning centre provides resources on important concepts in governance of non-profits to support their role in the delivery of their programs and services in their communities.