Dance Montage is a proud tradition at the University of Calgary. Since its inception in 1969, Dance Montage has created lively creation and performance opportunities for both beginning and experienced dance artists. Originally an opportunity for Kinesiology majors to showcase their dance class projects, Montage has become a hub of creative exchange. As part of the Dance Division’s season, Montage welcomes the spirit of community through dance and serves as an opportunity for artists from a variety of dance worlds to meet, create, and learn about each others’ work. We look forward to presenting pieces from across the spectrum of dance while encouraging artistic development for artists at all levels.

Dance Montage has included up to 10 choreographers and 120 dancers performing world dance, contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, ballroom, bollywood, dance-theatre, all-male pieces, and work for ages 40+, amongst others.

This annual favourite is produced each November at the University Theatre. Call for choreographers happens each spring, and auditions for dancers are typically held on the first Sunday before classes start in September. Visit for details.