Latest MZD residency, Rewriting Distance, takes inspiration from the people, places of Edmonton

Jul 18 2019

The performances of Rewriting Distance run August 21-23 at 8 p.m. and August 24 at 2 p.m. at Spazio Performativo (10816 – 95 St.)


Edmonton, AB — Rewriting Distance, created by Canadian choreographer Lin Snelling and Belgian dramaturge Guy Cools, enters a new residency of performances this August at Mile Zero Dance (MZD).


The performances of Rewriting Distance investigate what it means to revisit a place through cycles of dancing, speaking, reading, writing, and watching that recreates a live history of the places and communities in which the performance takes place. Cools and Snelling initiated this artistic project originally based on walking through cities after meeting in 2003 during the Vooruit Danse en Avant event presented by Agora de la danse in Montreal.


“This performance cycle of Rewriting Distance is based on returning to places where we have been and continuing to collaborate with artists in the community,” says Snelling. “What are we telling each other now? What are the various and multiple narratives of a group of people that come together?”


For Cools and Snelling, this homecoming features collaboration with the Canadian actor/dancer/choreographer, Stephanie Cumming; Edmonton-based Artistic Director of MZD, Gerry Morita; and the Edmonton-based Belgian director and Professor, Piet Defraeye.  In this vibrant, improvised piece each performer acts as audience, witness and performer. Rewriting Distance addresses both memory and place in a live re-telling of personal and collective history.


In addition to the performances, other events include: a five-day workshop with the performers and photographer Michael Reinhart, running August 26-30, and an interactive symposium curated by choreographer Thea Patterson and visual artist Jeremy Gordaneer on August 19 at the Timms Centre for the Arts.  For more information, visit:


Tickets to Rewriting Distance are $15 for MZD members and $20 for non-members. Tickets can be purchased at:


About Mile Zero Dance

Mile Zero Dance (MZD) is a fast-paced, broad-minded company that thrives on integrating contemporary and experimental dance into modern culture. The company works collaboratively with many of Edmonton’s best artists, and its work edges on multidisciplinary as it finds innovative ways of expression through the body.