International Dance Council: Dance Schools Reopening

Aug 23 2020

Alberta Dance Alliance thanks International Dance Council with these recommendations on reopening your dance schools. Please keep in mind that Alberta’s regulations take priority over any international advice.


Dance schools reopening

Schools will reopen, expecting much less students. This is a challenge, you want to be among those who will survive. When the pandemic broke out we advised distance classes as a temporary measure. This is what we advise now:

  1. Do not give up. Dance is a vital necessity, it has endured all kinds of calamities since humanity exists, it will flourish again soon. Show that you are confident and dedicated, let others abandon, you are here for the long haul.
  2. Intensify advertising and promotion. Open accounts at all social media, work on them seeking followers actively. Focus on what your school offers better than others.
  3. Mention hygiene practices you take: Washing hands frequently, wearing face masks or transparent shields, keep 2 meter distance between dancers, install open-circuit air-conditioning or strong ventilators, disinfect handles, floors, dressing rooms.
  4. Start small group classes or individual teaching. Listen to the fears of students or their parents, find ways to accommodate them. Better operate below cost now than lose students.
  5. Offer International Certification to show that your classes are serious. All educational institutions offer valid documents, dance schools are no exception.