Good Women Dance Collective 2019/20

Sep 25 2019


November 14-16, 2019

Théâtre de la Cité
8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury

World Premiere!
CHEERS & TEARS: A Journey Into Whiteness
by Pamela Tzeng (Calgary)
Featuring the Good Women

An absurd yet honest look at the ensemble’s relationship to whiteness. Let us expose from the inside out the experiences and impact of the “Canadian W-H-I-T-E Lady“ on the well being and well becoming of themselves and humans in all parts of the living planet.

by Meredith Kalaman (Vancouver)

Inspired by the “necking process” where giraffes violently thrash their necks at each other in combat. This duet “chews over” the desire to dominate another being by means of physical force juxtaposed with the need for tender care.

The Beginning of Happiness

March 26-28, 2020

The Foundry Room
Oliver Exchange Building, 12021 102 Avenue

World Premiere!
Composed by Jane Berry
Featuring the Good Women and FEMME(Jane Berry, Sable Chan, Amy Voyer and Dawn Bailey)Considering a female-specific perspective on the difficult subject of domestic violence GWDC is partnering with WIN House.

Move Tank

May 4-8 and July 6-10, 2020

All four collective artists will spend two weeks in the studio creating, playing and discovering new ways of working collectively, with no deadline, and no expectation of a finished product. This will be a chance for GWDC artists to experiment, explore, challenge one another and grow as choreographers and performers, deepening our creative understanding of how to work together, and pushing the collective into new territory.

Creative Incubator

April 27 – May 1, 2020

Artists will participate in a week-long creation workshop with their peers, facilitated by local dance and theatre artist Amber Borotsik. The week will include facilitated exercises, sharing and discussion between participants, opportunities for collaboration, and an informal public showing/sharing at the culmination. Participation will be by application and is open to all disciplines. Keep your eyes out for the call in early 2020!


Each artist will have access to Good Women’s space at the Ruth Carse Centre for Dance (RCCD), as well as outside eye services, if desired.

Jan 20-24 Fada Dance (Regina)
Feb 10-21 Tiny Bear Jaws (Edmonton)
May 11-22 Lebogang Disele (Edmonton)
Jul 13-24 Anastassiia ‘La Musa’ Moussatova (Calgary)

Apprenticeship Program

2019/20 will be the inaugural year for our Apprenticeship Program! We are excited to welcome Konomi Kiguchi (Japan), who will join us for classes and projects throughout the season.

BWDC Master Classes

GWDC partners with the Brian Webb Dance Company to provide an opportunity for local dance practitioners to learn from artistsfeatured in BWDC’s 2019/20 season, including:

Oct 2019 Ralph Escamillan
Oct 2019 Van Grimde Corps Secrets
Feb 2020 Shay Kuebler/Radical System Art
May 2020 Fujiwara Dance Inventions

Scholarship Program

The program provides the opportunity for two emerging dance artists to attend GWDC classes for free for one term each season.
Sept – Dec 2019 Abbie Cogger
Jan – Apr 2020 Kristen Farmer

Upcoming Classes

Kate Stashko

Oct 1 @ 10-11:30am
Oct 3 @ 10-11:30am
Oct 4 @ 10-11:30am

Kate Stashko is performer, choreographer, dance educator, and writer based in Edmonton. She is one quarter of the Good Women Dance Collective.

Photo credit: NIUBOI

Marynia Fekecz

Oct 8 @ 10-11:30am
Oct 15 @ 10-11:30am
Oct 17 @ 10-11:30am
Oct 18 @ 10-11:30am

Marynia Fekecz is a Polish dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher, producer based in Edmonton.

“A mix of floor work and experimental work, which are based on physical exercise, and how to organize our body to move through the space.”

Photo credit: NIUBOI

Ralph Escamillan

Oct 10 @ 10-11:30am
Oct 11 @ 10-11:30am

Ralph Escamillan is a queer, Canadian-Filipinx performance artist/choreographer/teacher and community leader based in Vancouver, BC.

“Drawing from my experiences as street, commercial, and contemporary dancer, this class is a full exploration of movement and the dynamics of the body.”

Photo credit: Patrick Leung