You can cancel automatic renewals anytime by logging into your account and navigating to Edit Membership. After cancelling automatic renewals, your membership and all related services will expire on the anniversary of your original registration date. You will receive reminder emails in the weeks prior to expiration to allow you to make a single payment for the next year. If you try to access member services after your membership has expired you will be asked to renew to regain access to member services.

Anyone can become a member of the Alberta Dance Alliance by registering online. On the left of the Login/Registration page, under “Become an ADA member…” you can learn more about which membership type is right for you or your organization and what services are offered to members. If you are not comfortable with registering online or are having technical difficulties, please contact our office.

  1. Fill in the Purchase a Membership form.
  2. (Un)check the box for automatic renewals.
  3. Click the PayPal icon to proceed to the checkout.
    1. If you select Automatic Renewals, you will need a PayPal account. ADA does not store your payment information.
    2. If you do not select Automatic Renewals, payment may be made with or without a PayPal account.
  4. Once you are a member you can:
    1. View your AB Dance Directory Profile.
    2. Complete your AB Dance Directory Profile.
    3. Add Events
    4. Add Bulletins
    5. Add Jobs