ESO @ Home (With dance!)

Jul 17 2020

Here at ADA, we were thrilled to see this collaboration come across our desks. The ESO continues to set a high standard for pivoted programming during the pandemic. Bringing Hip-Hop dance and baroque-era violin to the stunning Winspear stage for us all to enjoy online is just one of many great offerings from this ever-relevant pillar in Edmonton’s arts community.


(shared from the July 17, 2020 ESO Newsletter)

We all miss live music but we’re enjoying exploring new ways to experience it. At the Winspear, we’re hard at work bringing you streaming concerts featuring ESO musicians, as well as videos of solo works by some of the amazing ESO members and local musicians. You can view the schedule of upcoming performances on our website, or check out past performances on ESO’s YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Laura Veeze, ESO Violin I, performs Passacaglia in G Minor by H.I.F. Biber, along with Edmonton dancer Josh Capulong. A passacaglia was a serious form of street or courtly dance, often associated with male dancers in the baroque era. “This project is all about the transcending of time, and how our art bubbles can merge and interact,” says Laura. “I’m grateful for Josh Capulong’s excitement about bringing this concept into the here and now by having this timeless piece of music inspire contemporary hip hop dance forms.”