Edmonton | The Invisible – Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare, Choreography by Laura Krewski

Jan 23 2020

EDMONTON- After successful tours to Keyano Theatre (Fort McMurray) and Vertigo Theatre (Calgary), Catalyst’s newest musical tour-de-force, The Invisible – Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare, is ready to infiltrate Edmonton.

Receiving a record-breaking nine Betty Mitchell Award nominations, The Invisible is inspired by the stories of real-life female Special Operation Executives (SOE) in World War Two.

France. 1940. After months of training and successful missions, The Invisible are sent on one of their most dangerous missions to date. Seven exceptional female operatives risk their lives to fight a dangerous war of sabotage, propaganda, and espionage — breaking new ground and defying expectations, these women achieve the impossible, helping to bring down the greatest threat of their time, only to go completely unseen.

This genre-busting mash-up of historical research, film-noir, graphic novels, and musical theatre is a contemporary portrait of the brave women who risked their lives to fight a dangerous war of sabotage, propaganda, & espionage during WWII.

This show takes a dash of Captain America, a dollop of Agent Carter, and a fistful of Wonder Woman, and adds the sensibility of Bob Fosse.”

The Globe & Mail

The Invisible- Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare is written, directed and composed by Catalyst Theatre Artistic Director Jonathan Christenson with Set, Properties, Costumes, Lights, & Projection design by Bretta Gerecke; Choreography by Laura Krewski; Production Dramaturgy by Sarah Garton Stanley; Music Production & Sound Design by Matthew Skopyk; Stage Management by John Raymond; Assistant Stage Management by Nyssa Beairsto.

The Invisible- Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare features Kristi Hansen, Tara Jackson, Melissa MacPherson, Maria Mahabal, Melanie Piatocha, Amanda Trapp, Justine Westby.

Tickets are on sale now and available from the Catalyst Theatre website. Please visit the Catalyst Theatre website. Tickets range from $19.05 + fees and GST for students and seniors to $48.

The Invisible – Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare is the winner of three Betty Mitchell Awards for Theatre in Calgary (2019) including Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Costume Design, Outstanding Lighting Design.



Development of The Invisible has also been supported by Vertigo Theatre.