Edmonton | Brian Webb Dance Company Presents: Radical System Art: Epilogos

Jan 13 2020

Epilogos: The point in a speech where the reader attempts to build an emotional response from the Audience.

Brian Webb Dance Company is thrilled to present Radical System Art, performingEPILOGOS, for the first time in Edmonton, February 14 & 15. This athletically impressive piece is the brainchild of Sherwood Park born Shay Kuebler.

Featuring a cast of eight dancers, “Epilogos was an initial exploration into moral codes, value systems and the appropriation of these systems. This would lead into the research of “the art of rhetoric“, says director Shay Kuebler. “Epilogos became the exploration into how our inter-subjective realities – what is believed but not seen – and how they are manipulated by the media and systems of power.

Shay Kuebler and Radical System Art are defined by wildly beautiful and athletic dancing that engages audiences of all ages. I have never seen an audience respond with such enthusiasm…it’s 100% riveting!” says BWDC Artistic Director, Brian Webb.

Radical System Art was formed in February of 2014, in Vancouver, BC. RSA aims to expand the art of physical performance through the lens of Artistic Director Shay Kuebler and a versatile amorphous language of dance, martial arts, theatre, music and other forms – harnessing both film and stage as mediums to promote, disseminate and enhance performance art. Blending multiple genres of art, the company pushes the boundaries of physical performance and is constantly researching and redeveloping its artistic form to reach new audiences.

Performances are at MacEwan University’s Allard Hall and being at 8 pm. Tickets start at $25 and are available at TixontheSquare.ca. For more information, please visitBWDC.CA.

Brian Webb Dance Company is an institution in Edmonton’s Dance Community celebrating 41 years of Canadian contemporary dance. BWDC is a community-minded, dynamic artistic builder creating through collaboration; fostering dialogue between dance artists and audiences; building bridges between established and emerging artists; encouraging communication among professional artists; and organizing interaction between arts organizations and educational institutions.