Edmonton artists experiment with new work outside their usual discipline at Dirt Buffet Cabaret

Oct 02 2019

Mile Zero Dance (MZD) invites media to attend their signature performance laboratory series, Dirt Buffet Cabaret, with guest curator and host Tim Mikula. Mikula, visual artist and Rapid Fire Theatre improviser, has challenged six Edmonton artists from a variety of disciplines to create work that is not within their usual medium. It may be surprising, sublime, or terrible. The artists were selected to represent a spectrum of disciplines within art. Though, none of it matters given that they will be doing precisely not that.


  • Amanda Buchner will be doing live painting.
  • Shima aka Dwennimmen will be experimenting with electronic music.
  • Sharon Uppal will be exploring the formulation of thought and emotion.
  • Joey Lucius will be performing a medley of songs for the first time.
  • Borys Tarasenko hates slam poetry, but he will attempt it.
  • Mav Adecer will perform an interpretive dance number to one of his stand-up sets.

Event details:

Date: Thursday, October 3, 2019

Time: 8 p.m. to late

Location: Spazio Performativo, 10816 95 Street.

Cost: $10 (or best offer at the door)