Call for Proposals: The Choreographic Marathon (Across Oceans Arts, TO)

Jan 15 2020

Ultra-Intensive Exchange, Creation, and Development over 3 days flow, discovery, creation, challenge and performance for established and emerging movement artists in All forms.

and continued mentor support for 6 months.

PROPOSE NOW for May 16-18, 2020

The Ultra-Intensive Creation & Development Exchange

For Established & Emerging Movement Artists in All forms • advance your process outside familiar frames • bring a work that is brewing • get into the studio with your collaborators • keep working over 3 days • flow, discover, create, exchange, perform… in a community of similarly rigorous supportive & challenging artists • May16-18,2020, Victoria Day wknd, Toronto Canada • Led by Maxine Heppner with a circle of facilitators including Susan Lee, Takako Segawa, Michael Caldwell, Junia Mason, Jessie Fraser, Peter Jenkins & more.

PROPOSALS accepted ongoing via the website.

ACROSS OCEANS ARTS programs > deepening collaboration for over 30 years < produces the Choreographic Marathon that in 2020 is supported by the Toronto Arts Council, AO Angels & donors & in partnership with Pia Bouman Studios.