CAD | Wunmi Idowu With a love for African arts, this performer uses creativity to connect with the community

Jul 03 2019

By: CHERIE MCMASTER for Calgary Arts Development’s Storytelling Project

Alberta Dance Alliance member Wunmi Idowu featured in Calgary Arts Development‘s Storytelling Project!

“The founder and director of Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre, Wunmi Idowu began performing traditional African dance styles at the age of three in her hometown, Lagos, Nigeria.

An accomplished dancer, choreographer, and instructor, Idowu shares her story in this week’s Storytelling Podcast.

“Woezo means welcome in the language of Ewe from Ghana,” explains Idowu. “And the land of perfection comes from Africa—that was the definition of Africa back in 2006 when I Googled it. So, the company’s name is Welcome to the Land of Perfection Music & Dance Theatre. And what we try to do here is physically preserve the African culture in Canada. We are here, we migrated here, but that doesn’t mean we should lose our culture while we have moved over. We should try to impact the community positively with who we are so that there’s better understanding.”

Tune in to learn more about the company, what’s coming up, and why it’s important to share in each other’s cultures.”

Listen to Wunmi Idowu, in her own words…