Advocacy Alert | AFA Funding Adjusted in Response to New UCP Government

Jul 09 2019

Since June, when the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) first distributed notification of their prudent response to the new UCP Government, the Alberta Dance Alliance (ADA) has worked diligently with the Alberta Partners for Arts and Culture (APAC) to address concerns. APAC has secured a meeting with the new minister of Culture, Multiculturalism, and Status of Women (the Honourable Leela Aheer of Chestermere-Strathmore, (780) 422-3559,

Arts and Culture are a core component of the economy, not something separate from the economy, and they are essential to the wellbeing of working Albertans. The ADA needs your help to ensure funding concerns for dance and the arts in Alberta are heard.


Protect Alberta’s Investment in Dance


The Alberta Dance Alliance is among those currently adjusting to changes in AFA funding. The ADA applauds the responsible management of investments in the arts and will stand beside our members, the dance community, and the AFA as a voice for dance and the arts in Alberta.

In an article published by CBC Calgary, some concerns of arts organizations are explored. The ADA believes in maintaining a stable investment in the Arts and Culture sector in Alberta. The current state of Alberta’s Arts and Culture sector is the result of decades of investment. To destabilize that investment with cuts to arts funding would devastate our sector, putting many specially trained and skilled Albertans out of work. These passionate, hard-working Albertans have dedicated their lives to building our sector up to where it is today.

“The direct GDP contribution of culture industries was $6.3 billion in Alberta in 2017 ($1,488 per capita and 2.0% of provincial GDP). In 2017, there were 60,100 jobs directly related to culture industries in Alberta, or 2.5% of all jobs in the province. In Alberta, the GDP of culture industries ($6.3 billion) is larger than the value added of utilities ($4.6 billion) and similar to that of agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting ($6.4 billion).”


Arts and Culture enrich the lives of all Albertans, not only those who attend events, cultural activities, or receive funding to produce these essential resources, but also those who benefit from the large return on investment that the Arts and Culture sector provides. Artistic and cultural offerings in Alberta make our province an open and appealing place to live and do business. Benefits such as these are the hallmarks of a developed, compassionate, inclusive, representative society. These benefits underly the Alberta Advantage and the province that we know and love. The ADA looks forward to working with our members and the dance community, APAC, AFA, and the Honourable Leela Aheer in preserving the existing investment in Arts and Culture.