2019-20 Annual Report, Together with Purpose

Oct 19 2020

The Canada Council for the Arts is pleased to share its 2019-20 Annual Report, Together with Purpose. Prepared during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this report underscores the essential role of both the arts and the artistic imagination, as exemplified by artists and arts organizations in their mission of giving Canadians daily access to the arts.

For the fourth year of its doubled budget, the Council fulfilled most of its commitments by investing a total of $337.7M in the arts sector.

Main funding highlights

  • $137.5M, or 25% of new funds to new grant recipients
  • 50% / 50% split between project and core funding
  • $18.9M, or a tripling of support, for Indigenous creation
  • $20M, or a doubling of support, for international activities
  • $88.5M for a digital fund

The artists and arts projects highlighted within this annual report illustrate the impact of the Canada Council’s investments and its leadership in positioning the arts at the centre of social development and our common future. The Council’s investments in equity-focused projects and organizations reaffirm the critical role of equity considerations in the Council’s vision of an inclusive future. Its varied initiatives demonstrate the importance and impact of a strong presence for Canada and its artists in the world.