The Choreographic Marathon – Propose ASAP

Posted by: Across Oceans Arts

Deadline: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

It appears that proposals will be processed as they are submitted and the program will remain open to proposals until spots are full. Therefore, if you wish to submit a proposal do so ASAP. Contact Across Oceans Arts for up-to-date info.


  • For ALL Forms and Genres of dance and movement performance in New Creation.

  • All established and emerging movement-based artists may apply.

  • PROPOSE NOW  for May 16,17,18, 2020 program

Proposal is for deep research into process with a work in development. Movement material must already exist so that the marathon is about development, not the earliest searching. It can be dance/movement material that has not formulated into a concept. Or a concept that has not formulated into organized material. Or a work-in- progress that the choreographer or group wants to move forward. Or a past work to be torn apart and turned into something new. Lead Creator please send a sample of this material and of past choreography with proposal. If proposed piece is still in concept stage then a description of the concept and process with video of past works is OK.

Below are guidelines. This is a Platform for Creativity.  If you feel your work will benefit from this program but doesn’t seem to quite fit, please, do send your idea and tell us how you will work in this ultra-intensive time. Same if there is a logistical challenge e.g short a dancer or if you have a group work but no group to go with it.  Other ideas… All Forms are Relevant and Welcome.